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Stay Ahead of the Risk Curve with Intellergy Solutions

In the dynamic world of business, staying in control is pivotal to success. As a senior leader, it's your responsibility to navigate through uncertainties with confidence.

Are our controls effective and how do we truly know?

How well have we ranked these risks?

Have we identified all reasonably foreseeable risks? ​

Who was involved in this process?

But are you asking the right questions?

Where Risk Management 

Meets Excellence



Know the signs.

Our logo represents a fusion of three potent risks, any one of which can wreak havoc on businesses if left unchecked. At its core, the canary symbolizes vigilance, serving as a beacon of caution and foresight, offering crucial early warnings against looming threats. We embody resilience through proactive risk management, ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve, knowledgable and fortified against potential disruptions.

*Black Swan: Nassim Nicholas Taleb 

**Gray Rhino: Michele Wucker 


The Black Swan*

RARE. UNPREDICTABLE. CATASTROPHIC. ‘Unknown unknowns’ events which comprise a trifecta of “…rarity, extreme impact, and retrospective (though not prospective) predictability”. Oft quoted examples include the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy and subsequent global financial crisis, the 9/11 terrorist attacks and, most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Grey Rhino **

KNOWN. INEVITABLE . IMPACTFUL. ‘Known unknowns’ are “…threats that we ought to see but often don’t see, or that we see but willfully ignore. Most Gray Rhinos are not the case of signals that were too weak but of listeners determined to ignore them and systems that encourage and accept as normal our failure to respond”. A classic and current example is climate change, another would be cybersecurity.

The Elephant 

LARGE. CONSPICUOUS. UNADDRESSED. ‘Known knowns’ of large and potentially high impact risks lurking in the room, obvious and known to everybody, but nobody wants to discuss or deal with them. Examples include the CEO’s favorite (but fatally flawed) project or known cases of sexual harassment or other abusive behavior in the workplace by senior leaders.

The Canary

VIGILANT. PROACTIVE. INSIGHTFUL. Analogous to the ‘canary in the coal mine’, risk canaries are metrics, KPIs, processes or other controls which serve to provide early warnings of impending risks. By paying attention to these early warning signals, organizations can proactively address risks, enhance preparedness, and minimize the potential impact of adverse events.

As Albert Einstein once said "The only source of knowledge is experience” and with fifty years working in high hazard industries David brings a wealth of knowledge in understanding and managing industrial risk.  


Intellergy Solutions is not selling a program, software or a bespoke solution, its success is in constructively challenging organizations to assess the robustness and effectiveness of their risk management process. 

You can't teach experience but you can learn from it.  

How do you ensure you're in control?

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Navigate the complexities of risk management with a partner who understands the depth of these challenges and has the experience to ensure your leadership is not just effective, but exceptional.

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