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Intellergy Solutions

From the depths of the North Sea to the expanses of the Asia Pacific Intellergy Solution's passion for safety and risk management is fueled by five decades working in the inherently hazardous environments of global oil, gas and mining operations, a journey driven by an unyielding belief the safety and wellbeing of every individual is paramount.

Intellergy Solution's commitment extends well beyond simple compliance; it is about creating an enduring risk-based safety legacy which protects employees, contractors and the communities in which we operate, ensuring they all return home safely to their loved ones each day.

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For over 20 years, David Jenkins' influence has guided global senior leadership teams and boards to achieve sustained positive results.

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Skills & Expertise

  • Strategic Leadership & Vision

  • Stakeholder Engagement & Advocacy 

  • Global HSE Strategy Development & Implementation

  • Risk Management & Compliance

  • Cross-Cultural Team Leadership


is a dynamic and visionary HSE executive with over four decades of leadership in the global oil and gas, mining industries.

His expertise is in developing robust risk-based safety management systems, influencing internal and external leadership teams and leading strategic HSE initiatives across multiple continents resulting in sustained improvements in safety performance.


David is adept at guiding large-scale organizational transformations and cultivating a culture of safety and excellence within high-profile corporations. A creative thinker comfortable with ambiguity, he is recognized for his skill in influencing development and adoption of global industry safety standards. 

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