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With a focus on strategic risk management, Intellergy Solutions specialize in providing experienced support to businesses seeking to fortify their resilience against known and unforeseen threats. Utilizing advanced techniques like Bow Tie Analysis, we deeply engage teams to construct robust risk models tailored to their industry and area of operational context. Central to our approach is the strategic placement of 'canaries’— critical control points serving as early indicators of potential risks. By incorporating these canaries into their risk management strategies, businesses can proactively monitor and manage risks, fostering a culture of risk awareness and continuous improvement.


From risk identification to the implementation of customized controls, Intellergy Solutions empower businesses to navigate uncertainties effectively and optimize their operational performance.

How we can help

Risk Identification and Analysis:

Evaluate how organizations identify all reasonably foreseeable risks, both current and emerging.

Stakeholder Engagement and Involvement Analysis: Assess if the right people are being consulted and if their voices are heard and responded to effectively.

Risk Prioritization and Ranking:

Review the framework for risk assessment to assist leaders in prioritizing their focus and resources.

Training and Capacity Building:

Conduct bespoke workshops and training sessions to build internal capabilities in risk management.

Continuous Monitoring and Improvement: Evaluate the mechanisms for ongoing monitoring and review of risks, the associated controls and their effectiveness. 

Strategic Foresight and Proactive Management: Provide guidance to senior leaders on how to maintain a state of 'chronic unease' to stay ahead of risks. 

Leadership and Decision-Making Support: Provide expert advice and support to senior leaders to enhance their decision-making process in the context of risk management.

  • Leadership Team Coaching / Advice

  • Major Incident Investigation

  • Site HSE Performance Reviews

  • SME support for risk identification and assessment workshops

  • Governance Audits

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